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Events > Open Studios - Week of July 1 - 5

We are opening the studio to Studio Members and drop-ins this Wednesday and Thursday. We are so amazingly grateful to our new members for deciding to spend the year with us, discovering, learning, sharing, practicing, creating. We are very much looking forward to seeing what is made here!

For the next few weeks, as we build our membership, if you've ever been to an open studio here, you are welcome to join us, no charge. We hope that you'll choose to contribute to our shared community craft space so we can keep on keepin' on.

If you're new to our open studios, consider a Studio Membership. You can learn more about contribution levels and benefits here. You can also make a "drop-in" contribution of $35 for any 4-hour session.

You are welcome to come and learn more and see what's happening here during any open studio session, no charge. We love visitors!

Session times for July 1-5

  • Wednesday, July 3, 5pm - 9pm
  • Thursday, July 4, 5pm - 9pm

Not required, but appreciated: Let us know at that you're planning to come, and which sessions you plan on attending, just so we can manage space and activities.

Planned activities

  • Jason will continue with wood lathe safety certifications and shop orientation for new members, or those newly interested in learning more about the lathe. We'll also start safety certifications on the bandsaw for anyone interested.
  • Jason is working on a new batch of chopsticks to fill some new orders. These are made with reclaimed ash, etched with pyrography, and finished with milk paint and dry pigments. I'm happy to share what may be some new wood surface design/finishing tips for you. Maybe it's something you can use in your own projects?
  • Renee is working on a large cotton shibori shawl. She is hand-stitching a wisteria pattern inspired by traditional Japanese textile designs. Renee is also making a new vat of black walnut dye from last year's bumper crop of (now dried) walnut husks.
  • Dennis is working on a mortar and pestle made from Charlton sugar maple. He's filling some voids in the wood, and contemplating finishes.
  • Chris B is working on a needle-felted painting, which she started in Mallory's June workshop.
  • Chris J is working on a natural-edge box with a hinged lid.
  • Simon is prepping some wood for shaping into small kitchen and serving utensils. After seeing the wood steam bending box in our studio orientation, he's also thinking about maybe making a guitar here!
  • We have a few cedar garden stake tags left, made from scrap and offcuts from our new indigo garden boxes. Up for grabs!
  • Also, feel free to bring an "Unplanned" activity!

Looking ahead...

Open studios are planned for next week Wednesday evening only. Thursday we have to close due to a planned conflict. Starting the following week, we're back to normal, with our next known conflict being Thanksgiving! It looks like we'll be able to open up the Wednesday AM and Friday AM sessions starting the first week in August. Stay tuned!

Both Studio and Supporting Members are invited to join us for a studio and garden tour and visit with painter Deb Angilletta, at Brouwer House Creative, in Schenectady's Historic Stockade District. July 17, 11:00 am. Email Dana if you are interested in attending.

We've announced two workshops for July:

Don't forget that members receive 10% off all workshop registrations.

Intersted in joining? Email us at