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Events > Kumiko Basics - Asanoha Pattern

Saturday, July 20 12 pm - 4 pm


In this 4-hour kumiko class you will learn how to make the kaku asanoha pattern using traditional kumiko techniques. Translated to “square hemp leaf,” asanoha is the most popular pattern in Japan and is connected to the idea of growth. You will start with basswood strips and go through the process of cutting accurate half lap joints to make a grid. Then, use kumiko jigs to cut bevels and assemble the asanoha pattern. We will use a table saw and some hand tools in this class.

Kumiko is the delicate, geometric lattice work that is traditionally found in shoji screens. It originated in Japan during the Asuka era (600 – 700 AD). The patterns are made by carefully cutting bevels and fitting small strips of wood together without the need for glue. There are hundreds of designs that range from simple and rectangular to very complex and intricate.

Date: Saturday, July 20

12 pm - 4 pm

Workshop Cost: $95.00

Included in Cost: $80.00 instruction/studio time and $15.00 materials fee

Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced! Some woodworking experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Instructor: Johnny Tromboukis, JT Wood Works

About Johnny

Johnny makes fine woodworking projects, instructional videos, and plans. His goal is to educate, inspire, and entertain new and seasoned woodworkers. Intricate Japanese lattice work called kumiko is a big part of his work and a discipline within woodworking that he's passionate about teaching and sharing with others.

His Youtube channel is a way to do so and he also offers tools and kits on his website and in his in-person classes to help expand the skills of the awesome woodworkers within the DIY community.

Follow along with his projects and keep an eye out for more collaborations with us at the studio!



Instagram: @jtwoodworks

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