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Events > Build the Perfect Bluebird House!

Friday June 7, 10AM - 1PM


Saturday June 8, 9AM - 12PM


A neighbor of The Studio brought us an old birdhouse that had seen years of successful service, but was ready to be retired. She wanted us to make another just like it because it had worked so well for her and her birds. We looked closely at the design and decided to make a workshop out of it! This way many people can go home with a nesting box that has been proven to work here in Charton, helping to reestablish the American Bluebird in our area.

This workshop will teach basic woodworking skills like measuring, cutting, drilling, carving and assembly. We’ll work with our native and abundant white pine. We’ll learn some tricks to help keep the inside of the nesting box dry for our little blue friends. Lastly, we’ll learn how this design helps to deter predators and competitors, as well as help the little fledglings get out of the nest and take their first flight.

This workshop is ideal for beginners, or for those that just need some space and quiet time to complete a simple project. Kids 14 and over are welcome with an accompanying parent or guardian.