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September 26 - October 7, 2022

“The Art of Wood Fire” showcases the work of a group of ceramics artists from across the Northeast who share in a twice-yearly communal firing with Dan Greenfeld, at a very special wood fired kiln in Charlton, NY.

Wood firing of ceramics is unlike any other firing process. Clay takes on many different surface effects depending on the types of wood used (Dan uses our local and ubiquitous Black Locust), how the pieces are placed in the kiln, and even the outside weather conditions. Each piece is in many ways a product of this place.

The kiln, reverently named "Athena", is a two chamber climbing (or Noborigama) kiln modeled after similar Japanese 17th century kilns and was completed in 2009. It has room for about 75 cubic feet of ceramics.

Main Street Studio is fortunate to be located right down the road from where this all happens, and we're excited to welcome artists, collectors, enthusiasts, and especially the local community to come out and see the work, meet the artists, and even visit the kiln during their fall firing.

Special thanks to Dan Greenfeld for inspiring this project, curating the work, and introducing us to so many creative and talented artists. We can’t wait to share this hidden part of what makes Charlton, NY a truly special place.

Contact Dana Nemec with any questions.