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We’re going to continue with Wednesday night free open studios until the space gets too cold to tolerate! In the Spring, we’ll start it up again, likely as a membership program. Each week, we’ll have different materials, techniques, and projects ready for you to pick up and learn, practice or teach. If we have to take a week off, we’ll let you know in advance.

This Week’s Highlights: Nov 1, 6-9pm We were trilled with the turnout last week! It’s exciting to see lots going on in the space!

We have a new indigo vat set up. Renee is dyeing and experimenting with rice flour paste resists, and Jason and Renee are testing indigo on hard maple plates. There might be some shibori happening too!

We’re making a Furoshiki Bag (example) with the indigo, cotton fabric, and local black walnut wood handles. We have all the materials now to put one together. If it goes well, we could make some more.

Beth and Dana are making latch-hook seat cushions for the stump-stools in our community work space! We received some donations of chunky green yarns, but could use more if you have any lying around.

We have a lot of wool fleece (Local Cotswald, several beautiful natural dyes) processed by our September volunteers. We have needle felting and wet felting tools available to use. If you haven’t done it before, we’ll show you what we’ve learned from Mallory. Or better yet, (take a class with her)!

If you have sufficient experience in wood turning, four lathes are available to use. If you don’t, and wish to learn, reply to this email to set up a private lesson with Jason. To reduce dust and noise for others working in the space, we’re sticking to green wood, in small sizes (<7”). I have material to use for this. If anyone is interested, I’ll demo my process for quickly making my small snack plates.

The September Artist Collaboration pieces are set up and looking pretty in the gallery space! Work by Mallory, Jason, Renee, Rebecca, Amy, Margaret, Tim, Alyssa, Christine, Maegan and more!

We have tshirts and posters available for sale from our September events. Your purchases help us do what we do! Plus, they’re really cool!

…or, just grab an open space and work on anything you’d like! If there’s something you’d like to learn or try, let us know and we’ll see if we can pull it together. If not this week, maybe next.

Feel free to bring a friend!

Indigo Dip Trials Some Indigo and maple dip trials Renee Johnson and Jason Nemec October, 2023