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Events > Clay Handbuilding for Wood Fire with Dan Greenfeld

Workshop Dates: Saturday, May 13 Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, lunch included

Firing Dates: Loading May 27; Unloading June 10 (Attendance for both is optional

Recommended Experience: Suitable for all experience levels including those who have never worked with clay Class size: 8 students Tuition: $225.00 Location: Main Street Studio - 786 Charlton Road, Charlton NY 12019

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Join clay artist, Dan Greenfeld, for a very special workshop that explores the functional and creative possibilities of ceramic handbuilding techniques and the ancient process of clay wood-firing in a traditional japanese-style noborigama kiln located in Charlton, NY.

Students will have an opportunity to create one or more small vessels, and include them in a group firing just down the road from Main Street Studio.

This workshop will focus on the ancient methods of building pots using coiling and pinching. Much emphasis will be placed on the subtleties of touch, and sensitivity to material required to build successfully and achieve a wide range of forms. Students will have time to learn, practice and create something uniquely their own.

Dan will provide a clay from Sheffield Pottery that is well suited to his style of building, and the process of wood firing.

Our resident wood artist Jason Nemec has made a set of handbuilding equipment that you can use in class, and optionally purchase to take home with you after the class to continue practicing and making: A 12” banding wheel, two 12” wood bats, and a handmade 8” handled cutting wire (sold together at cost: $30).

In the morning, Dan will discuss and demonstrate techniques, and provide individual instruction at the banding wheel. We’ll break for a light lunch featuring fresh-baked bread, local meats, cheese, fruit and vegetables. The afternoon is studio time. You can stay and practice as long as you’d like, and Dan will be available to demonstrate or provide guidance as needed. At the end of the day, your work will be collected and included in a group firing which takes place from May 27 through June 10.

Students can join other clay artists who travel from across the Northeast on May 27 to help with the kiln loading process and can also be part of the unloading experience on June 10 when the fired pieces are removed from the kiln.

This class is well suited to beginners or even experienced potters who would like to spend some more time getting a better understanding of the properties of this clay and the transformation that clay goes through during the wood firing.

We want to thank Dan Greenfeld for this amazing opportunity and for donating his instructor fees to Main Street Studio.

100% of your workshop tuition will support ongoing unique programming like this at Main Street Studio!

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